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São Paulo, February 2012

I spent a week on vacation in São Paulo this month. Some photos are uploaded in this flickr set and, for those who prefer quantity over quality, others that were good enough to share are up in this SkyDrive folder. In this post I will write a little bit about the photos.

Parque Ibirapuera

I spent a lot of time in the quite lovely Parque Ibirapuera. It manages to mix really busy spots (lots of people walking, biking, rollerskating, skateboarding, etc.) with quieter areas, nice views, museums and nature (the stuff you would expect from a good park – like trees, flowers and even a few animals [I found birds and mosquitos]).

Can you make out the details?


Ponte do Ipê is a pretty unremarkable bridge in the middle of the park, which everyone seems to stop at to take photos. I preferred to take photos of the bridge rather than from it.

Ponte do Ipê

Don't Feed the Birds!

In the north end of the park there is a nice fountain that is interesting to watch. When viewed from the right side – from inside the park, looking out (north) – you also get a very nice view of the high-rising buildings in the Jardims district.

City Skyline

When it wasn’t as cloudy as the picture above, the sky was quite amazing.

São Paulo Skyline

Avenida Paulista

This is the big street in São Paulo, around which many things are centered. There are a few really impressive skyscrapers on it but I felt most of them are kind of plain and boring. What I found interesting is that a few older buildings are still there, which makes for an interesting contrast when seen side-by-side with a modern skyscraper.

Colorful Building

My favorite building was probably this one, Edifício Santa Catarina.

Edifício Santa Catarina

There’s also a very nice park, Parque Trianon, just across the street from MASP, Museu de Arte de São Paulo. Well worth a visit.

Rock 'n' Roll Star?